Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where you been girl?

Broken phones, busy days, wild girls, I'm toe up in life!  I try to get a post on here every Monday but I failed.  Sometimes life just happens.  My littles have been fighting over everything these last few weeks.  Ugh, when does this end?  I guess that's what happens when they're almost 3 years apart.  From now on I am getting them the same toy, the same food, same clothes, same everything!  I'm sure this is just a prelude of their teenage years! Oh my lanta!  Hopefully they don't give us as much grief as I did my folks!  This is Gia during a no nap tantrum when mama said no more fruit snacks. Such a sweetie.
We were battling colds again and I think they are at bay now.  This has been the worst flu season yet!  I feel like I cant take them any where with out sanitizing wipes and a box full of Kleenex. Thank God for Gia's ear tubes or I'd know she'd be on her billionth ear infection by now. 
She put herself down for nap in Sissy's room!
Amira had her Royal Parade at school yesterday.  Which just comes naturally for her since she thinks she's one already.  She dawned her Frozen, Queen Elsa costume.  Believe it or not she was the only one, there were a couple adorable Annas though.  Everyday we sing "Do you wanna build a snowman?" All of the kids were super cute, but this was definitely most enjoyed by the girls.  She has her Valentines Day party this week as well.  She has been asking me everyday if its goodie bag day.  She made sure to pick out her teachers a special gift and her classmates a few fun things from the Target dollar section. 
Monster High Valentines, is it just me or did Valentines shrink up and come envelopeless?
During the past weekend we hit up all kinds of places. The dentist, Lowes, Oil Can Henrys, Red Robin, and Tarjay.  Sounds exciting huh?  I was joking around with my husband about how much our lives have changed since having kids.  9 years ago on a Friday night I'd be going shopping at Forever21 for my "going out outfit" getting ready with my girls and dancing the night away!  Now on a Friday night at 8:30 pm I get excited to go grocery shopping with my gal pal Brittany, who is currently very preggo and I helped push the cart.  Wow! 

I'll be making my family a special dinner and dessert for Valentines Day. My husband loves steak and the girls love chicken so I'll probably do both.  I really want to try my hand at truffles this year so well see how that goes.  I'm definitely going with a chocolate dessert!  Sadly I haven't been eating as healthy this last weekend as I wished.  Its ok, I'm just going to start over.  When I get stressed out I want eat, normally junk.

Thank you for reading!  Much love, Linzi


  1. haha little Gia! I guess we can't say much about that since we are girls too ;) I love those little valentines!

  2. That picture of Gia in Amira's room to die! I can't wait for school parties! Xoxo

  3. Hope everyone stays healthy! This has been a very tough flu season! That cute princess parade is such a fun idea, love her costume!! Steak, chicken, and a chocolate dessert-- count me in for your V-Day dinner ;)

  4. It's hard to eat healthy when you're stressed or stuck inside because of sick kids! Sounds like you've had your hands full. What a cute parade, I love it!

  5. I eat poorly when I'm stressed too and goodness have you been busy! The princess picture is tooo sweet. And it's so wonderful that Amira is excited to give out goodie bags. How sweet.

    And I the Hello Kitty pillows are too cute. You have the most adorable girly girls :)