Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Tag!

I was recently tagged by one of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers, Jewel Sha'ree!  I seriously get so giddy when people read my blog or comment.  It makes my heart happy, so a big thank you!  So here are the questions in the tag.
1.  Favorite Halloween Movie?
I'd have to say, Charlie Browns It's a Great Pumpkin.  There is just something about those classic holiday movies that cling to my heart strings.  There are so many, I also love Hocus Pocus.
2.  What age did you stop trick-or-treating?
I pretty sure the last time I dressed up with a friend to go was about 13-14.  We just wore long dresses and weird makeup. 
3.  Favorite Halloween costume you've ever been? 
My husband and I try to do themes together.  I think last years pirates was my top!  Went to a big costume party and got to see some very elaborate costumes.  As a child my grandma sewed me a Snow White outfit that I just adored!

4.  What are you going to be this year?
We had a Halloween party last weekend and I was a vampires/witchy woman.  I think on Thursday I may just throw on Amira's old kitten ears and wiskers to quicken ito up.
5.  Do you like haunted attractions?
Yes, before we had kids Mario and I would go to Haunted Houses with friends.  It was a blast.
6.  Vampires or Werewolves?
Well, I'm such a Twi-nerd!  I suppose I'll go with vampires.
7.  Favorite Halloween candy?
This year I cant keep my hands out of the Starburts, soo juicy!  My close second is Twix!
8.  Do you decorate your house?
Yes!  I love decorating the house, its my favorite thing.  I start right at the beginning of the month.

9.  Least favorite Halloween costume?
Hmm, maybe the devil.  My brother and I decided to dress up as twins that year.
10.  Have you repeated a costume and what was it?
Yes I have, I was so into punk rockers when I was 6-7 years old.  I mean I was born in 80 so it makes sense! 
11.  Do you belive in ghosts?
I have never had a ghostly encounter but I have heard others talk about theirs.  So crazy!
12.  Most memorable Halloween moment?
This years Halloween party was pretty fantastic for us. But also last years, we had both girls dressed up and we did a pirate and mermaid theme.  I love looking back at the pictures.

Don't they just melt your heart, Ariel and a baby pirate parrot!
Thank you for reading this spookfestive blog, just a few days before the big day!  I'm going to tag a few mommy bloggers as well. 
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy List

Just a few simple pleasures in my life that make me smile. Seeing as Octobers end is near.  Thought I'd share some of these things with you.

1.  Seeing my girls snuggled up in my bed sleeping away soundly.
2.  These beautiful Fall days and the vivid colors of leaves in my yard.
3. My sweet husband making me a grilled cheese Sammy and tomato soup in a mug.
4.  Figuring out how to duplicate my favorite Starbucks drink, Caramel Apple Spice with whip.
5.  Seeing my house clean for more than a few hours, lol.
6.  Hearing my girls playing together in their bedroom.
7.   Knowing that soon more holidays are upon us.
8.  A little mommy alone time at Tarjay ;)
9. When my folks come up and visit us.
  10.  Wearing a soft cozy sweater.
What are some of your simple pleasures?
 Much love, Linzi

Sunday, October 27, 2013

First annual Halloween Party!

The hubs and I decided to throw our littles a Halloween party this year.  I'm pretty sure its his favorite holiday.  When the girlies are older he keeps talking about making a haunted garage with bloody and gorish mechanical props to scare all the trick or treaters.  I'm so glad we aren't there yet!  We invited all the kids in the family and some pretty special friends. 

Here are the girls looking so ladylike as Minnie Mouse and Princess Belle. They both refused to wear the Minnie ears and crown headband.  Sometimes I feel like they wont wear cute barrets and bows to torture me! Haha

So daddy took it a little far with his makeup this year.  He wanted me to do it for him but of course he asked me 10 minutes before the guests were to arrive, and I was putting the finishing touches on my tablescape! So he ended up slathering it on himself and looking like Uncle Fester with a touch of the Joker.  He of course bought fake blood capsules and bit into them, scared poor Gia something fierce.   I don't know why he does that stuff! 
Here is the full on view on my tablescape.  I had so much fun creating this and making the menu.  Everything décor wise I purchased was on sale.  I bought fabric from the craft store and luckily it was 50% off! We sort of have a spider web thing going on in all the rooms.   

Amira and I made Frankenstein finger cookies, she loved putting the chocolate chip nail on top!  Its so good to involve your kids in the kitchen.  She always cracks the eggs for me and measures the ingredients.  I also made my grandmas reciepe for meatballs, aka bat brains. They really bring me back to my childhood!   

I was really burning the midnight oil with the cupcakes.  I made chocolate buttermilk and princess vanilla ones.  Have I ever mentioned I love cake?  I absolutely love it!  Amira put all the jelly corneas on top too! My husband likes to say I take to much on, but its sooo worth it the end.
Had to throw in a big veggie platter and my kiddos favorite something we called Vomit dip.  I call it that because well, look at it.  It is family favorite though!  Last on the menu was mummy dogs of course! Thank you Pinterest!  Sometimes I just crave a big hot dog with all the fixins'.  These hit the spot.
Go Gia, little slugger!
 Here are some pictures of our garage Mario decorated.  It was kind of hard to take good ones with orange and purple blinking lights but all the kids loved dancing away in there.  We had a ghost piñata and a table set up with bowls of guts and eyeballs for the kids to touch!   Not to mention a mummy contest where the kids and adults grabbed a partner and wrapped each other in toilet paper. Good times!
Just the two of us. I really loaded on the dark makeup and bold lip color. I found the kit by Wet n Wild at grocery market!   Amira said she loved my lipstick, she always loves the lipstick part.  My costume was a vampiress slash witchy woman.  I think I ended up looking like Rapunzel's mom Gothel from Tangled.
Thank you so much for reading my blog.  I hope everyone has a super fun and safe Halloween!  I'm overly excited for the up coming holiday months!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Simple Chicken Taquitos!

These chicken taquitos are so easy and very delicioso!  My family craves Mexican food at least once a week.  So I try to switch up what I'm making often.  I'm a stay home mom so I use my crock pot to cook my chicken breasts nice and tender and easily pulled apart.  Most people use their crock pots so they can leave the house for numerous hours and still come home to a hot meal.  Well, my husband is a total firebug!  (makes sure I unplug everything/blow out candles/super cautious)  Even though I already do that!  So I just use mine because its much easier.
I was lucky enough to get this recipe from my husbands, Aunt Ellen.  She is the epitome of a supermom! She loves to entertain, has twin 21 year old boys and another son who is a senior in high school.  Not to mention a hungry husband. She holds down a full time job, always looks fabulous, and her house is clean as a whistle!  How does she do it?!
 This recipe is easily tweaked to your taste. It can also be made lower in calories if you wish.  If you don't like spicier foods, leave out the chiles.  The original recipe didn't include them. Try different cheeses, like pepper jack or add some corn.  Whatevers clever.  So here's what you'll need:
4 large boneless skinless chicken breasts
1/2 package shredded cheddar cheese
1 package flour or corn tortillas
1 4 oz can of diced green chiles
8 oz of soft cream cheese
1 packet taco seasoning
3/4 cup salsa verde
olive oil to brush with
garlic salt

 Cook chicken in Crock Pot for 4 hours on low. Depending on your C.P times may vary. Then fork shred and mix in taco seasoning.  Add your cream cheese, diced chiles and salsa verde until well mixed.  Go ahead and turn off your slow cooker.  Pre heat your regular oven at 400 degrees.  Place chicken mixture inside tortilla and sprinkle with shredded cheese.  This is where you can add as much or as little as you like.  Roll up the taquitos nice and tight and place on a cookie sheet with sides.  When your done rolling up all your taquitos brush them lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt.  I know these are bigger than traditional taquitos but that's how I roll. Get it? Haha
Bake away for 10 minutes at 400 so they get crisp, try not to burn the edges.  If they're getting too brown cover with foil. Then turn oven temp down to 350 and continue cooking 10 minutes.
Serve with sour cream, salsas, margaritas and maybe a big salad.  I hope you try making these and enjoy this easy and fun recipe!

 Gia approved!
Much love, Linzi

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Amira's first field trip ever!!!

So there's this girl... Her name is Amira.  (it means princess)  She is my oldest daughter, 4 years full of sweetness and spunk.  She is in her second month of pre-k and Wednesday we went on their first field trip to the pumpkin patch!  About 15 hyped up kids wearing their cute rubber boots searching for their perfect lil punkin.  Amira loves the baby ones, she loves anything baby or small.
Poor thing needed her sunnies!
  Amira probably could have stayed there all day tromping around the farm.  With the exception of having her bestie by her side, and us mamas! After waiting what seems a lifetime in kiddo minutes they finally got to ride the train around the farm.  Then go on a pretty fast hayride, Woo Hoo! Even jump around in the bouncy houses.    
Since it was a normal school day us parental units were able to hear them sing a song with the teachers and even do a little dance.  Amira can be pretty shy around others so watching her open up and doing these things is priceless.   Being in school has been great for her.  She is learning and remembering new things everyday.  Making friends on her own, and becoming such a smart and inquisitive girl. One of my favorite parts of the day is hearing about hers.
 We came home with two baby pumpkins that day.  One for her and one for her sissy. 
Much love, Linzi      

Monday, October 21, 2013

Easy Spiced Pumpkin muffins

So as of the last 5 days I've been super sick with Vertigo.  If you're not familiar with Vertigo it attacks your equilibrium and makes you feel as if your falling and or spinning.  I'm finally feeling a bit better and I'm going to try to start up my mommy and wife duties.  My sweet husband has been taking care of me. Doing lots of laundry and cooking, some ordering of take out was also necessary.  So it will be a nice change to get back into the kitchen.
On a brighter note, I thought I'd share with you my super easy, super quick treats, Spiced Pumpkin muffins.  I am using a boxed cake mix for these so I guess they're not "homemade" like some like to say.  Hey, I didn't buy them at the store pre made and I baked them with love!  I always get compliments on these, they are perfect for Fall.  Light and fluffy with pumpkin and the melted white chocolate chips inside.  Plus, since I'm just getting back on my feet its the perfect goodie to bake for the fam.

All you need is: 1 box Spice cake mix,  1 can pumpkin  puree15 oz,  3/4 cup of water, 1/2 white chocolate chips.  Mix all ingredients together and put in muffins tins.  Bake accordingly to cake mix.  Prepare to share the recipe! Did I mention they are healthy too?!

I hope you enjoy!  Happy Monday.
Much love, Linzi

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Favorites

I could go on and on about how much I love Fall and the changing of the seasons.  It is my favorite time of year including Winter!  I love being warm inside with a cozy fireplace.  Going on a drive when its raining outside and the crisp cold air meeting your nose.  I love the foods, I love the fashions, I love how it seems to bring family together.  This year we went to Swans Trail Farm again for pumpkin picking.  Its so family friendly there, lots of things for the kids to do and see.  Also they have yummy foods to try, kind of like fair food but better.  Gia was going buck wild like she normally does when we are around people or crowds.  So lets just say we didn't get to do all the things we wanted...

This is one of my favorite Fall polishes.  It is by Revlon and its called Valentine.  It is the perfect deep red and its rich in color. Two coats and you're ready to go. Makes me feel very festive when I'm wearing it!
Who doesn't love Bath and Body Works?!  Thank goodness we have one in Marysville or I would never have the best smelling soaps and candles ever!  My Fall soap favs are Pumpkin Cupcake, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, basically I love anything pumpkin related!  For candles I'm loving Leaves, Nutmeg and Spice and Pumpkin Cupcake again!  You have to stock up when they're having sales.

Favorite Fall fashions for a wife and stay at home with two little mess makers.  Someone who runs around doing errands, cooking up hearty meals and only likes being comfy.  Someone who has to have machine wash only. I love infinity scarves and big sweaters.  Anything that can hide a few extra pounds works for me! Jeans, jeans and more jeans. Also leggings with bum covering tops. HeHe. OK, so I love me some cute riding boots and cowgirl boots too!

Here are some of my daughters favorites of Fall so far.  Amira is loving her new book, In a Dark, Dark Room.  I had this book when I was young, so when I saw it at Walmart I  had to get it! We read it numerous times a day. Surprisingly it doesn't scare her, and this is a girl who wouldn't walk around the Spirit and Halloween store. Actually both of my ladies didn't like the store and Daddy had to look at everything himself when we went for costumes. Lastly here is the mega hit with Gia,the movie Coraline.  Good lord she loves it,  she carries it around everywhere and tries watching it when ever we let her.  My girls crack me up. 
What are some of your Fall favorites?
Much Love, Linzi   

Monday, October 14, 2013

Finally joining 2013!

So it seems I check my Facebook daily. I check my Instagram, Pinterest, all the blogs I follow.  One thing was missing from the picture.  A laptop or a computer of sorts.  Well low and behold my wonderful parents gave pity on my household and gifted us a HP laptop!  I was so excited, its cute and stainless steel looking? Yes, like a oven!  We have been planing on buying one for years but never really found it a priority. I mean we have smart phones and we just aren't into computers that much I guess. Luckily my girls haven't been obsessed with computer games and haven't said, "I want that"

I called a few Internet providers and sadly were turned down.  Guess we live to far out in the sticks.  Not really, I tried again with one that turned us down the first time and now they said we were serviceable.  After getting the guys to come out and install everything Mario and I found ourselves not using the laptop as much.  I am still confused on how to use it and how to even write this blog!

Which leads me into this:  after my husband and a few friends and family convinced me I could even have things to blog about, I should start one myself.  Tell stories about my family, write about my love of food, share pictures and I guess everything that's in between.  So by no means do I think this is fashion blog or food blog.  It will just be my life and style blog!  Hopefully I have someone reading this but me!  This is very out of the ordinary for me but I will try anything once!

Much love, Linzi