Monday, February 24, 2014

The Honest Life, bookworm talk.

Hello lovelies, Happy Monday!  Today I thought I'd share with you a book I'm reading.  Well, I suppose you could say I've read it and I re read certain parts because I love it so much!  Its written by one of my favorite celebs, Jessica Alba.  The book is called The Honest Life, Living Naturally and True To You.  I'm sure most of you know already who she is.  What has drawn me more and more to her over the years is that she is mother of two little girls, like me.  She is the also the co founder of The Honest Company.  A place where you can buy organic goods for your babies, home and yourself.
Since organic foods and products have become all the rage I started to get more interested in the benefits of them.  Especially because I have two girls at home and I want to be more educated on what is better for them and their growing bodies.  I know that I've blogged before that I like to buy organic food, but that I don't purchase everything organic because my grocery bill would be more than double!  I have to be choosy and smart about my purchases.  This book gives you great tips on what to buy organic versus regular produce and meats. She gives lists of what is highly covered in pesticides, and reasons to drink organic milks instead of cheaper hormone filled milk.  Which I've thought for years now is the culprit on why young girls go into puberty so quickly these days!

Jessica also gets into details about household products, like laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.  She really opens your eyes on what the government regulates and what can be slapped on a label.  A regular person like me believes what I read and trusts these companies.  Changing up your "go-to's" in your house might clear up your dry skin or allergies.  She writes about tear free baby shampoos and how they can be potentially harmful.  If there are studies about Cancers being linked with so many ingredients in certain products than yes I'm going to switch up a few things.  Especially now that my beloved grandma passed away from Cancer!
There is sections on recipes, which of course I love.  She also has a section on makeup!  She talks about parabens and phalates in makeup and why they are bad for your skin and body.  She also provides healthier options.  There is a chapter on how to decorate your home and your toddlers nursery.  She talks fashion and what key pieces a girl should keep in her closet.  Lets just say I love this book and there is something to read up on for most aspects of life.

If you're like me and want to learn more about this kind of lifestyle I highly recommend this book.  Whether its small baby steps on going green or organic.  Or you want to purchase things from Jessica's company.  I think this book is worth the trip to Barnes and Noble or Amazon! 
My husband would say "Don't believe the hype Linzi"  But, I don't think this is hype.  I think I care about my family and love them enough to do my best part in keeping them healthy.  Don't get me wrong when I'm shopping for macaroni & cheese I buy the KRAFT thick and creamy. Or when I get OREOS, I'll go for the Double Stuffed every time! Junk food can stay junk food.  However when I'm buying the girls body lotion I'm going to buy ORGANIC, PARABEN FREE, SULFATE FREE, PHTHALATE FREE kind.  Or when I'm buying milk and strawberries I'm getting the Organic kinds.

You can pick and choose.  I'm sorry if I sound like a freakoid in this post :) Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Love this! My coworker is super into organic everything and she told me to get an Honest Co subscription and buy everything from there ha. She is very knowledgable but glad you find her useful too. I really have to check out Honest Co more :-)

  2. I am soooo gonna go and buy this book!! I love Jessica Alba and this looks like it's really interesting!

  3. I'm going to have to check out this book! Sounds great :)

  4. I've been wanting to read this!!! I will check it out for sure, love her!!

  5. What an interesting post! It's funny that you posted this today because I was this.close to buying a few of her household cleaning products yesterday. I wanted to read more about them and see how people like them first. Have you tried any of them? I wish I could buy more organic too, but like you said, that grocery bill!

  6. Ahh, Jessica Alba is such a babe... And now I think you've convinced me to check out this book. I've been trying to switch a few things up here and there as well, so this sparks my interest :)


  7. I eat organic food and I like to find out more about healthier "true to yourself" way of living. Though I'm not that big fan of the starts written books. They seem quite fake to me



  8. You don't sound like a freak! I think this stuff is coming out more because of (like you said) early puberty, cancer, things like that. Obviously it can't all be avoided but if there's a little bit of change we can make to live a healthier life, why not learn about it? I'm definitely interested in this book now!

  9. I've really been working in buying organic dairy fruits & veggies. B always has organic dye free etc bath products. That stuff is nasty when it's regular product!

  10. Happy to see you are into going changed my life and I am nerve going back! P.S. I saw you write Kraft Mac n' cheese.... (worst company ever! haha) Just a mama (and personal) recommendation: Annie's mac n cheese is THE BOMB DOT COM
    You'll thank me later :)
    Ugh I am wanting some now.