Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beauty, Easy Drugstore Eyebrows.

Hello friends, today I'm doing a requested look on my eyebrows!  It's so exciting for me when somebody actually asks me to do a makeup look.  (Meaning they actually like my brows) By no means am I a professional.  Although I have been doing mine for eons!  All of the products I used can be found at Target or your local drugstore for around ten dollars! 
When I was young I had very full eyebrows, inherited from my dad.  During my teens I decided to go overboard and twease the daylights out of them.  My poor parents!  My grandma use to say I looked like a porcelain doll with painted on eyebrows.  Soooo, through the years I've perfected my routine to what I like and think looks most natural and flattering on me. 

There are many ways to fill your brows and many products to try.  I have used Benefits Brow Zings and loved it.  This Wet n Wild Kit is practically a dupe and a lot less cash.  I've heard nothing but great things about the Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil but its kind of pricey, this Maybelline Define a Brow Pencil works perfect for me and is way less money too.  When picking out shades I always go with light to medium browns, even though my natural hair color is almost black.
First off I use the wax in the top square of my Wet n Wild brow kit.  I use my finger and put on a thin layer of the wax onto my brows to keep the hairs in place. I don't always do that step but it takes no time at all. 
Secondly I draw a light line with my Maybelline Define a Brow under my brow.  I follow the shape and arch of my natural brow. (Or what I have left) You could also do this to the top of your brows if you like.
Lastly with a angled brush, the kit does come with one, I take the middle powder from the Wet n Wild kit and fill in my brows.  I tend to go over the line and over where my natural brow hairs are.  I like to go slow and use shorter brush strokes.  For me I like my brows to look some what natural, but I cant get them to look fuller or they would be all powder and that would look horrible on me.
I am sure not to go past my eye when I fill in my brows.  That would be too long of a brow and unnatural looking.  When you are doing your brows its nice to have a concealer on hand in case you make any mistakes.  I also use a nice highlight shade on my brow bone to enhance my brows shape.  I hope that this tutorial helped and was easy to follow.
Also try to remember: Your Eyebrows are Sisters, Not Twins!  They don't have to be completely identical, you didn't use a stencil ;)
Thank you so much for reading!  Much love, Linzi 


  1. i am all about drugstore eyebrows haha I started doing my eyebrows a couple years ago and I think I look so naked without them haha

    Makeover With Aspen

  2. Ah you are so talented! I overplucked in some spots when I was younger and had no clue what I was doing...so I'm gonna try this with the ultimate brow kit. Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. I am so happy you did an eyebrow tutorial! I naturally have VERY sparse eyebrows and I need to learn how to fill them in!

  4. I just love you! I use the same pencil! :) great blog Linzi! :)

  5. So thankful you did this tutorial!

  6. beautiful :))
    I haven't tried this kit yet but maybe when I'm done with mine I'll test this one out, but it seems like there are some really great anastasia brow kit alternatives now :)
    One of my faves is ELF's eyebrow kit!


  7. Love this post. I just came across your blog. My brows are completely over plucked. Any time I try to pencil them it is always obvious? Any tips? My eyebrows are black, so it's tough!

  8. Love! I am an eyebrow junkie too. They are the most important part!