Friday, February 21, 2014

A Walk in the Park!

Yesterday the sun was shining bright and the weather warmed up to a nice 48 degrees.  Since it wasn't pouring rain I thought I should take advantage of this gloriousness and scoop the girls off to a park day.  They love being outside and running around, what child doesn't?  I feel bad for them they don't get to play outside as much as our Cali and warmer climate friends.  We've grown accustom to this way of life and find things to do indoors. 
I hurried and made a turkey and cheese sammies, bagged up their favorite mini sugar cookies, ice waters, and some crackers. I know, I know, so nutritious!  Hey, they had plenty of time to burn off that sugar rush! I told the girls to get their boots and coats and we were off.  They didn't know that we were headed to park for a little picnic and play time.  These are the small details that make Amira so happy and smile from ear to ear.  When we got there Gia kept saying "park park." 
The York Park is small and perfect for us because not that many kids frequent it.  Plus school is in session and I figured we'd have it to ourselves for a while.  Amira runs like crazy and has Gia race her around trying to catch her.  Their cheeks get rosy and we sit at the benches and eat.  I take a few pictures to share with you guys and Daddy especially, since he misses these fun times too often.  Don't worry I put my phone away and played with them too.  It was a beautiful day with my two wild ladies. They slept like logs that night.


  1. So adorable. The slide pic shows pure joy!

    So glad you lovely ladies got to take advantage of the warmer day. Hopefully more of those to come soon!

    Have a lovely wknd :)

  2. So fun! We just got back from a bike ride with a stop at the park too. We definitely needed out of the house!

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  3. So fun! It's the best when it's finally warm enough to go out and play!

  4. So fun! I just love WA. The green & rain!!!

  5. I wish there was a park in our area like that for Aubrie. Glad you & the girls got enjoy a beautiful day outside.

  6. Looks like so much fun! I can't believe how cold it is where you live though! I would never make it. :)