Friday, February 28, 2014

February Favorites!

Another ones bites the dust, goodbye Mr. February.  Hello Miss March, and yes I am half Irish so I'll be celebrating St. Paddy's Day in style!  Today I'm going over my monthly favorites which is always one of my fun posts to do.  My picks are all over the board, kind of like me.  This past week has been beautiful in Washington.  Like the 50's and sunshine, to some that may be cold still, but I think I speak for most of us when I say we'll take it!  Here is a necessity, sunglasses!
I don't own any fancy brand sunnies.  I have 3 pairs of Candies Sunglasses, including these and I LOVE them!  I always get them for a steal at Kohls.   I just cant justify spending a small fortune on things like sunglasses.  Maybe if it was sunny and hot more than a month out of my year, haha!
This Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Lotion in the scent Lavender Vanilla.  I've been slathering myself in this before bedtime.  I have a very hard time relaxing and falling asleep so anything that might help in getting me there I'm all about!  I'm one of those people who lay there and go over the day, the following day, the things I need to do, and so on.  So annoying!
This is a fun color to get you ready for Spring time!  Its Revlon's Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya.  I love these things, it gives your lips a light peachy papaya shade. Perfect for everyday wear and mama life.  They're moisturizing as well, hence the butter campaign and come in a lot of shades. 
These Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds, I have been spooning them into every smoothie I make the past month.  They don't change the flavor of anything and I actually like the texture and bite they have.  They are super good for you, gluten free, and packed with Omega-3s.  Why not add them into your food?
I love my Kitchen Aid 5 Speed Blender.  I bought it at Target, who currently has it is on sale.  I use it everyday and have had zero problems with it.  It blends my smoothies perfectly!  If you want a mid price range blender with a great name I'd recommend it
Little Gems Favorite, the movie Stuart Little.  Oh my gosh we have been watching this movie repeatedly.  I'm not sure how my girls pick movies or what draws them in but this movie is the hot ticket here. It may be because we have Gia act out animals and she loves pretending to be a mousy.  She stands in front of you and quietly nibbles on imaginary cheese.  The movie is kind of old compared to my girls' ages, made in 1999.  They love it though and have been watching everyday!

What are some of your favorites?  Please share!  I hope that all of you reading have a great weekend.  I'm so looking forward to ours :)


  1. I'm thinking I may just have to try that Aromatherapy Sleep Lotion. I'm the same way when it comes to bedtime. No matter how tired I am I end up wasting away time by thinking of anything & everything imaginable lol. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love the sunglasses! I'm like you and can't cash it out for the sunglasses. I'm sure to sit on them then! Great picks :)

  3. This post is perfect! I love the B&BW lotion, we have both that one and the Relax one and my hubby and I love them! Also, thank you so so much for the blender suggestion!! My hubby broke ours (which I loved) so now we are on the hunt for another one! A Target trip won't hurt ;) I love the sunglasses!

  4. Love those sunglasses! And I'm gonna have to try that BBB aromatherapy lotion. I need more relaxation before bed.

    It is definitely not 50s and sunny here in NY ha, so my current favorites are just my earmuffs (and hibernating ha). Have a lovely weekend, Linzi!

  5. Okay seriously I was like, I need every single item here...not kidding. I love the lip butters but haven't tried papaya, I'm gonna try papaya (; and those chia seeds...gotta go in the cart too :P I'm allergic to fish so I try to find other sources of omega 3s and this seems so perfect.

    And my girl Naomi loves pretending to be animals too! And dinosaurs :P gonna have to show her Stuart Little !


  6. I am the same way with sunglasses! I am too rough on them and lose them too easily to spend too much on them!

  7. I love that lotion too! I go through the day in my head too, I've always been that way, it can be so hard for me to fall asleep sometimes. I feel you!

  8. That lotion (sleep) love that line from b&body works!!!!