Monday, February 3, 2014

Little Gemisms!

Happy Monday y'all, which it really is for my fellow Washingtonians and Seahawk lovers.  It is a lazy day for us because both of my girls have come down with the cold/flu junk again.  No school for Amira which she is very sad about.  I've got a big pot of chicken soup brewing and some Redbox movies. 
Gia & Amira, my little wild things!  They love animal prints and tutu's.  What big sister wears, little sis wants to wear. 
Our children are like sponges wanting to soak up every little fact we teach them.  Having two little ladies they ask lots of questions about boobies and stuff like that.  Since I don't have boys (yet?) I haven't had to explain twig and berries.

Since taking Gia's bottles away she never wants milk.  It has been challenging figuring out ways to get calcium into her.  She loves drinking ice water and juice boxes.  Which I have reluctantly given her because she becomes infatuated with new things like that. 
When she is hungry she will let me know.  "Mama I want to eat fu snacks" She is obsessed with fruit snacks!  Right now her other favorites are oranges, soft breads like pitas, and she loves my smoothies!

She is learning how to count, well at least to 5 for now.  She is great up to 3 and she loves throwing up the proper fingers too.  She also loves to imitate animals.  We give her an animal and she'll make the gestures and noises of it.

Gia has a favorite joke as well.  "Knock knock, who's there?  Pickle juice"  we all laugh and she loves getting this reaction!

Her constant question is "What's this?"  her voice is just so cute I cant help but smile and squeeze her!  She asks this at the store, in the kitchen, in the shower.  Oh and she hates riding in the front of the cart now.  One time, one time! I let the girls ride together inside the grocery space of the Target cart and now its all she wants to do! Total hissy fit if I say no...
Gia is now fitting into this pink construction sweater that once belonged to big sissy.  She pointed to the reflector stripes and goes " just like daddy"  she is so smart to recognize daddy wears sweatshirts just like this.
Both Amira and Gia love getting their nails painted!  I haven't taken them to the nail salon just quite yet, but Amira is at the perfect age for that kind of mommy and daughter date.  They love picking out 15 different colors even though we only have 10 fingers.  Amira's favorite color is still rainbow!
Amira see's mommy watch Youtube videos about makeup.  Amira likes to pretend she is making her own videos about makeup. I have also caught her in the act of taking swatches of my lipsticks on her hand, just like the girls do in the makeup tutorials!  She is such a mini me!
She loves to pretend bake and play restaurant!  "Can I take your order?"

Amira adores Barbies, Monster High, and Disney dolls. She wants to play with them all the time.  Sometimes I am busy and or I want her to use her imagination, so I'll have her play with them herself.  Honestly one of my favorite things is seeing and hearing her happily play alone like that.  Does that sound weird?  I just think its good for kids to use their minds and imaginations. 

Amira is pretty much always right ;) so it is kind of hard to correct her when she going over the days of the week and counting.  She does listen, and like to learn, so she remembers my hints.

She is getting pretty darn good about picking up after herself.  She mostly always puts her dishes in the dishwasher.  

My girls are 4 and 2 years old.  I know that all kids are different.  I'm just a proud mom talking about my littles <3

Thank you for reading!  Much love, Linzi


  1. My mom always says the best thing she taught us was how to play by ourselves! So many kids need constant attention, but kids that can use their imaginations and make play interesting along have more fun! Your girls are so precious!

  2. Aw this is the sweetest. So cute that Gia wants to dress like her big sister and Amira wants to learn about make up like her momma. The tutus and animal print outfits are wayyy too cute. You have such a sweet family.

    And that is so awesome that they like learning and are so inquisitive! So young and already so eager to learn :-)

  3. The girls are just so sweet!! I hope everyone gets to feeling better :)

  4. Awwww they seem like such sweet little girls!!!! I'm sure its fun for both of them to be in the Target cart at one the same time!!!

  5. Animal prints & tutus?!!! Sounds good to me!!! :)

  6. This was the best post ever. I just learned so much about your beautiful girls. Ahhh I love your family so much! I hope they get to feeling better. I m

  7. Iss Washington so much! I lived in carnation, fall city and north bend! You heard of them? Anyways it cut me off haha sorry for the letter;) xoxo Kate

  8. Your girls are so adorable!
    I need to get that nail polish set for my little one. So fun!!


  9. Love your littles!!!! The cart thing... I'm totally dealing with that too!! Lol
    No joke, I'm flying out to visit before this year is up!!;)

  10. They are so sweet! Amira is definitely your little mini me. Gia in the construction sweatshirt is so cute!