Friday, February 7, 2014

My Favorite Snacks!

It is no secret that I love food.  I am a total snacker.  I'm actually a three meals a day girl too.  Which leads me to my first sentence.  I love food!  My tastebuds adore sweets.  They love salty and savory as well.   Today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite snack type foods.  I feel like these things are better choices for my body than Cheetos or a Snickers bar.  I am full aware and on board that there is a time and place for those things too.  For my everyday life though, here's what Im snacking on.
I love these Acai and chocolate numbers, satisfies my sweet tooth!
Same goes for these yogurt raisins, the girls and I love munching on these!
I love adding a baggie full of these almonds in my husbands lunch, perfect salty snack!
Of course fresh fruit,  natures sweet snack. Plus they're so good for you!

 I've made some newer (healthier) choices when I'm shopping for groceries.  I've have been buying organic milk, eggs, and veggies for a couple years now.  Just recently have I been trying to pick up more organic things like canned/boxed goods, olive oils, things like that.  I definatly don't buy all organic because its so damn expensive.  I've been buying cream cheese and salad dressings made with greek yogurt.  They are so good I don't even notice a difference in taste, if not better than the original full fat kinds! Instead of drinking juice or soda, I'm opting out for water.  Nothing quenches your thirst like h2o!

Thank you so much reading and have a wonderful weekend. Much love, Linzi


  1. We also try to eat only organic. Especially meat and dairy products

  2. Those Acai berries look so good! A good chip alternative to munch on are Stacys pita chips. They have been my go to lately, along with cupcakes bahaha does that defeat the purpose ? oops

  3. I love the dark chocolate pomegranate acai berries!

  4. I have to try the dark chocolate acai berries and yogurt raisins. Those look so good. I recently started getting snacks with nuts bc I read how good nuts are for you. But I still can't eat nuts by themselves yet. I need nuts and raisins or something like that.

  5. I have been snacking on pita chips, carrots and broccoli with dill Greek yogurt dip lately so addicting!

  6. These are all my fave!! I'm a healthy food lover!! I crave all things healthy!! Weird? I know;)

  7. I'm working on snacking with healthier options.. the yogurt raisins are definitely on my grocery list for next week, thanks!!

  8. okay, that first snack though :P
    I'm gonna have to pick me up some....

    and lol, "I definatly don't buy all organic because its so damn expensive"
    AMEN sista ! :P


  9. OMG the chocolate covered blueberries? LOVE! *_* Never tried the yougurt covered raising though.. Are they good enough to try? :)
    Great blog btw! Will you stop by mine sometime? It would mean a lot if you could let me know what you think ^_^ Keep in touch!