Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Report!

Happy Monday friends!  This past weekend didn't fly by like so many others, which was very nice.   The girls and I really took advantage of the sweet holiday by stopping by our favorite Donut shop not once but twice!  Bad mom/good mom.  If we go there early enough you can catch us in our jammies and slippers still. 
Saturday we tried again with studio portraits for Gia.  Things didn't go accordingly, which was not a big surprise.  Seeing as what happened last family picture day.  Many growling no's and tears were shed. Positive she ran numerous times into all three of us arms.  Her Italian and Cambodian attitude was definitely showing that day. Next time we do this it'll just be Gia and I going.  She looked so pretty with her new bangs and her rose print dress and tights.  There were zero smiles coming from her when the girl started snapping pics.  I could never do that job!  After we left we all went to frozen yogurt.  Guess what, Gia was all smiles, waving to everyone, saying "cute" with her hands on her hip!  Why couldn't she have done that 40 minutes ago?
We basically had our normal weekend activities.  Its been raining like crazy here so we didn't get out too much.  Amira and I went grocery shopping together.  We went to the pet store and checked out all the stinky ferrets. (her favorite)  Mario chopped fire wood when the rain let up.  I totally fell off the health wagon, so sad.  Pre Valentines and Valentines Day festivities screwed me up royal.  How was every ones Love day?  I hope super good! 

Our Valentines was extremely relaxed and chopped full of love.  The girls loved their ponies and Daddy brought them each home a goodie bag, that he made up all by himself!  He is so wonderful, let me tell ya.  The girls wore matching floral dresses, so fun!  They cut and glued Daddy a handmade card.  For anyone who wondered what we got him; a chain saw file and gauge, chain saw oil, and a Seahawks mag.
Of course I'm going to let you all know what I made, lol.  I started with truffles, which were so delicious.  For dinner I made fresh salmon cakes (Mario caught) wedge salads with proscuttio and blue cheese, and some curried cous cous.  I picked out Prosecco to drink and Mario brought home Riesling.  The girls and I also made a chocolate cake with lavender cream cheese frosting, can you say chocolate overload?! Mario gave me a dozen stunning red roses which smell divine.  I must admit I felt pretty special.  When you have a husband like mine.  One that is straight testosterone, its pretty amazing that he does these things all on his own.  No prompting or pressuring.  Even picking out the girls Princess and Hello Kitty things is damn right amazing, at least to me!
All in all it was a great weekend.  So happy to have spent it inside my home with my family.  I'll probably be taking down my V-Day décor as it seems I like to rearrange quickly.  Thank you so much for reading!


  1. What a lovely weekend. That wedge salad looks amazing! Your husband and little ones are looking to have a chef and baker like you :-)

    Your girls looks so sweet in their dresses. I hope the professional photos go more smoothly when it's just the two of you! She looks just darling in the snap you took.

    Love that you got your husband partical gifts. I like to do that too...although I'm pretty sure my bf would cut himself if I got him a chainsaw. That is awesome you have such a manly man to provide for your sweet family :)

  2. Such a sweet weekend! Precious that your husband got the girls a goodie bag by himself. Extra husband/daddy points there! Your V-Day gifts are wonderful and such a great weekend! Love your family post :) Have a great week sweet friend!

  3. Have you thought of taking pictures of Gia somewhere else other than a studio? Somewhere more natural, outside, or even in your home might go better than a studio. Of course you'd need a photographer and it would probably cost more money. :( I feel kids do better outside of a studio and you get so many beautiful pictures that way.

    What a great Valentine's weekend you all had! Donuts, roses, cake with lavender icing?! Wow! That sounds amazing. Where did you find the recipe for that? Thanks for sharing :)

  4. How fun! looks like you three had a pretty amazing weekend :)

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  5. Your meal looks so good! And the girls look so cute in their dresses! Don't worry about "falling off the wagon" on V's expected!

  6. Good mom/GOOD mom!! I meant to treat us to some Valentine donuts but I never made it to the shop before they were sold out :( I'm still regretting not stuffing my face with a heart shaped donut, ha ha! What a great weekend!! You guys deserved it :)

  7. What a great weekend!! I'm going to call that a good mom!!!! :)

  8. Sorry the photo sesh didnt go as planned ..but she does look perfect in her little dress! That wedge salad looks so good!

  9. So fun!!!! Your desserts look amazeballs.

  10. oh my heck your girls are adorable !!!!!!