Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

It is a beautiful day to start fresh.  I never really have put much thought into making a new year resolution list.  Crazy, because I love lists.  Since I just started blogging last Fall, so weird to type that, I will share my list of goals with you.

1.) Reading. I would love to find the time to read more books, I don't care if there cook books, or the Twilight series.  I love getting into a good book! 

2.) Get healthier, probably on a lot of others lists.  For me this means walking with my girls more, riding my bike with them in the trailer.  Even dare I say, getting on the treadmill, I dislike our treadmill.  Also, try to not to indulge in so many sweets.  Food is a big down fall of mine, I love it so.

3.) Teaching my daughters.  So for Amira I mean, wiping her own bottom.  TMI, gross I know but I'm serious in this goal!  Eventually get her training wheels off her princess bike.  For my little Gia, get her off this darn Dr. Brown bottle.  It has been a nightmare, but I'm making it a goal now to get her to drink only from a sippy cup soon!  Swimming lessons again, for both of my little mamas!

4.) Home stuff.  Painting the walls and making them look fresh again.  So excited because we started painting today!  Keeping things tidy, even behind closed doors.  I seriously hate messes.  Redo our front porch.  This will be in Summer and I cant wait to get it done!

5.) Lastly, try to be a better mommy and wife.  In all aspects, I can always do better.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I love your support!  Much love, Linzi


  1. Love your list!! Love you more!! :)

  2. #3 made me laugh! My list (the one in my head!) has a lot of the same things! My biggest one is keeping the house tidy and finishing home decorating!

  3. Great list for the New Year! Definitely with you on #1 & #2!!

  4. Great list! Its all the important stuff and totally realistic :) xoxo

  5. I LOVE your list!! So simple but it will benefit you and your family SO much!
    I'm with you... food is my downfall. LOVE!
    And I totally want to put Mia in swim lessons this year... how fun!
    Happy New Year to the sweetest family! Love ya!

  6. Great list girlfriend!! I need to get healthier too, I can't even tell you the last time I worked out. It's awful.

  7. These are great goals! Reading and being healthier are two of mine too.

    And teaching your sweet little ladies is definitely the most rewarding goal of all I bet. Your daughters seem to be such sweethearts--it looks like you are already teaching them the right way :-)