Monday, January 13, 2014

Sippy Cup Blues.

It is safe to say this past weekend was about Gia.  My little olive skined gem turned 2 last month, which meant I had to pull the plug on her bottle drinking.  My husband and I have been dreading the day we had to do this because she is attached to those Dr. Browns bottle like nothing else!  Believe me, I have tried numerous times to ween her off them before but it didn't work.  Mostly, I am to blame because I didn't stick with it and when her elephant sized tears came down I gave in and hurried to fill her bottle.
Both of my girls never wanted a pacifier, which was great!  One less thing to try and break.  Gia has never been attached to a baby doll or blankie either, so that is why her yearning for the bottle was so strong in my eyes. When I switched Amira to the sippy cup it was easiest thing I've done.  I did it right when she turned one and we never looked back.  Imagine that, I actually thought it would be done that easy with Gia. Haha!  So through out this last year we have purchased many, many sippy cups to try.  I asked for advice on the best ones and a lot of moms said Nuk and the ones with straws.  All of these I had already tried.
So GG and I went shopping together and she was able to pick out her own this time.  We did go with the Nuk ones and she has been "liking" them.  I made her a little sticker chart and reward system but she hasn't been to interested in that.  Although she has drastically cut down on her milk intake.  This is going to sound insane to most people, but Gia was drinking up to three 8 oz. bottles during the night and quite a few during the daytime!  Being a big 2 year old I know that wasn't good.  She has kind of boycotted drinking milk out her cup, she is insisting on water.  She will take little sips of the milk but just pushes it back saying "no mommy."  One good thing is her appetite has increased and she saying "eaty" more often.

Sometimes in motherhood you just have to roll with waves.  It is not always smooth sailing.  I don't feel like a failure because it has taken us so long to do this.  I'm proud that we actually did it, and saw the process through.  Gia is no longer asking for the bottle and I'm sure her taste for milk will come back.  That is, after she sets her stubbornness aside.  She didn't inherit that from me ;)

Thank you for reading, and if any of you were ones with advice on this, I sooo appreciated it!
Much love, Linzi


  1. I'm right there with Elliot. He will drink water from his sippy but as soon as he knows it's his formula he won't have anything to do with it. What I am thinking is just maybe doing it the hard way and getting rid of the bottle entirely and leaving it up to him to take his sippy. We will see how that works out! ;)

  2. I don't have any advice, but good luck on keeping it up! It sounds like it is going well now!

  3. My mother would make drinking milk a competition. We would have milk races and she would race me to see who could finish their glass of milk first (I just realized she always let me win ha). I was a bit older when she tried this though (probably around 5). But I fell for it and drank milk every night because of it. Good luck with your sweet little one transitioning to big girl drinking cups :-)

  4. Oh gosh, we are almost there with waverly & I am dreading it!!!!! She loves her bottles so much!!! Good luck, momma!!!

  5. my babe is one and we are slowly trying to wean him off bottles, too soon!? He seems to be doing pretty well- and I love all of the fun and adorable sippy cups!