Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Buon Compleanno, Mi Amore!

Happy 32nd birthday Mario! You're still catching up ;) Yesterday was the hubs birthday.  I have known and loved my husband since he was 21, so its been quite the journey! We have had wild times, haha.  Honestly, he is the most hard working man I know, along with my dad. I promise I'm not just saying that!  He is an amazing provider and family man for us girls.  Dedicated and loyal to all that are lucky enough to know him. He definitely doesn't like to be the center of attention, so his birthday was not complicated to figure out.  Just us four, and his immediate family. His birthday is very close to Christmas, like Gia's, so I try to make things special.  Even though he is an grown man.
Lucky for us he is on vacation this week.  Which the rest of the year he is working like crazy.  I try not to complain much about not seeing him in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. We just miss him so much.  I have to remind myself he is working for us.

So kindly, I let him choose his cake, and surprisingly he wanted Funfetti confetti, I'm not sure what its really called, with cream cheese frosting.  I did decide on the rest of the dinner, but I try to make things that will feed a hungry crowd.  So I made homemade lasagna, his favorite salad, and garlic bread.  That sounds like a filling meal to me?!  Such the great daddy he is, he let the girls blow out his big 32 candles. 

Mario has always supported me and given me strength with the decisions I have made. He is the NO social media type, likes to keep things private.  Obviously, I do things a bit different, but once again he is proud of me.  He is my best husband, and I am so blessed I met him so many moons ago! 

Thank you all for reading and listening to my ramblings.  Much love, Linzi

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