Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Stuffs!

Merry Monday friends!  So happy to have the warm sunshine out today.  The past weekend was pretty fun for this gal.  I had a get together with family to pick out bridesmaid dresses.  This was very special for me since I've never been in a wedding, besides my own!  The beautiful bride gave us full reign on our dress choice, however we all decided on the same one!  Later on we all got lunch and drinks, and I was so pleased to see some lightened up choices on the drink menu!  I kinda fell off the health wagon but I'm back on. We also visited Home Goods, which I've now decided is my favorite store!  I picked up a few things, including this super cute pillow to go with our new couch.  I tend to decorate with creams, whites and shades of turquoise.  I mean its practically everywhere in my house.  I need help!
My husband spent a majority of the weekend hours putting together the cutest play cottage for the girls!  Ever since we picked it up last weekend they've been begging him to put it together.  I can honestly vouch for him on how difficult it is to assemble 200 pieces of wood and screws with a sassy toddler running around like Gia!  Its finished now and is absolutely adorable.  Thank goodness my hubs is so handy! I know the girls will be obsessed with playing in this all Summer long!  It even has a kitchen inside, right up Amira's alley.
Sunday afternoon I spent a few hours at Amira's pre school setting up for Monday's country Hoe Down.  These kiddos are going to have so much fun playing games, winning prizes, and ridding real ponies!  I'm so glad I got to spend time with her teacher, who is the sweetest lady and I can totally see why Amira loves her so much.  I'm also glad I didn't fall off the ladder I had to use, I'm normally petrified to climb those things.
Cookies for the Hoe Down & ootd ;)
I know that a few of my readers are local and some are out of state.  During the weekend here we had a natural disaster in a very close by neighboring town.  A huge mudslide destroyed many homes and took out a highway.  Leaving far to many dead and many more lives unaccounted for.  I can only imagine how horrific it has been for these people and their families.  Mario and I have family in Arlington and I thank God they are safe and live on higher ground away from the river valley.  I pray for all the people affected and I hope that you will too. 

Thank you so much for reading.


  1. Oh my that cottage is adorable! What lucky little girls!

  2. Sending prayers to those affected by the mudslide. Glad your family in that area are safe.

  3. Home Goods is the. And so is that cottage :)

    My heart hurts for everyone affected by that horrific natural disaster. My husband and I couldn't turn the news off and I'll be keeping everyone in my prayers. I'm glad you guys are safe!

  4. Oh my gosh I haven't heard about that mudslide. How scary!! :( I love Homegoods too, definitely one of my favorite stores to frequent every other week ;)

  5. I love Home Goods! I always want to buy so much in there - such great deals! Your weekend looks like fun!

    I am so glad your family is is always so sad/scary when something like that happens. Definitely praying for those people. :(

  6. Natural disasters just keep happening so often & they are so devastating. Breaks my heart & I'm so happy your family is safe.

  7. Home Goods is dangerous... I could spend alot of time in there :P
    And that little cottage for the girls is SOOOO cute !! Whenever I see these things on your blog I'm like, "Okay, I need this..."

    p.s. Love your mommy style!!
    p.s.2. So sad about the mudslide! Praying for them <3

  8. Oh no so sorry about the landslide near you all. That is so sad.

    The play house is adorable (great job by your man!) and the hoe down sounds so fun. That was so nice of you to help.

    Where did you ladies get your bridesmaid dresses from??

  9. I love Gia's basket sled!! I want a cute cottage myself, that thing is perfect for me;) Lol! And I'm so glad everyone is safe! Love you! And look I'm blogging again;)

  10. I loooooove the cottage! How FUN for the girls!
    And I didn't realize you live in Washington? So heart breaking about the mudslide. Praying for everyone affected!