Monday, March 17, 2014

Lovely Weekend!

Happy Monday and St. Patricks Day friends!  I hope that you had a relaxing and or fun filled weekend.  Ours was pretty busy this time around.  The girls had a fun play date at the trampoline park.  I don't know what was more fun for them, the jumping around like crazy or going to the water fountain every 5 minutes?  We had such a blast catching up with Jill and Autumn!  We filled up on pizza and Mario even brought the quad out for Amira to ride.
I finished up my nail polish favors for my baby mama to be the for 3rd time, Brittany.  Her shower was a great success and I was honored to help her and Sarah out. There was plenty of yummy foods and sweets, I was smitten with her Italian Soda bar! I love these ladies, its so refreshing to be around genuine and sweet women.  (Hard to come by these days)
I just glued black bows on and a mini cupcake liner.
Here's a picture of the table runner and purple background, cake is from Safeway :)
I'm extremely happy to report after 2 long days of being missing, Amira's kitty was found!  Bella ran out of the house Friday afternoon and we were so worried we'd lost her for good.  She is an indoor cat with pink sparkly claw covers and I was very concerned how she'd hold up with no food, water, and protection.  She's a little thing.  Sunday morning Amira said she could here her meow so I went outside to find her trapped under our house behind a vent!  Luckily Mario was able to cut it open and get her out.  We are happy to have her back home and Amira can stop wailing at night for her.
Sunday we did our normal grocery shopping and had fun day at Costco.  The girls picked out there Easter dresses and they don't disappoint in the pastel and frilly department!  Why do their clothes have to be so fun to look for?  Today I'm mixing up a batch of Lucky Charm Krispy treats.  This will be my very first time making any rice krispy treat, sad I know.  Hope you're dressed in green, or here's a virtual pinch from me ;)
Thank you so much for reading!


  1. So glad the kitty is safe!!

    And what a lovely bridal shower. You did a great job helping! I agree that good friends can sometimes be hard to come by and I'm glad you have such sweet girlfriends.

    Trampoline park! Woo :)

  2. That baby shower looks like a lot of fun! Love how the nail polish turned out. Glad you had a good weekend. :)

  3. had a blast with you girls too! def again soon :-)

  4. Aww I'm glad the kitty is okay!! How sweet that she heart him meow. I agree with the friends part, you never know who's genuine anymore!! I'm glad you had a good weekend!

  5. SO glad you guys found the kitty!! I'd be a wreck if either of ours got lost! Looks like a lovely baby shower :)

  6. The shower pics look awesome! And I'm glad Amira has her kitty back!