Monday, March 10, 2014

My Sentimental Heart.

As of this past week I have been walking down memory lane with my oldest daughter Amira.    Seriously guys its no joke when they say time flies.  It truly does when you start having children of your own.   I went to Amira's soon to be elementary school and walked into the corridor of the aging brick building. I couldn't help but think about when I was in kindergarten.  Such a nostalgic feeling, I picked up her registration papers and walked away a bit a lot sad.

 My little girl is growing up.  I don't want her grow anymore, after this up coming 5th birthday I'd be ok with time standing still.  Amira is quite honestly my best little friend.  She is my biggest cheer leader and I am hers!  She is such a sweet big sister to Gia.  When no one is around I can hear the things she whispers to Gia and it melts my heart.  Can I just say I love having two daughters.  My heart is so full of emotion at this moment.  Nothing can compare the bond between a mama and her baby, nothing.
When you enter your kids into school all you can think is; are the other kids being nice to her?  Is she being kind to the them, and the teachers?  Does she need me?  Most likely your children forget about you once you leave their sight and they start having the best learning times in their lives.  As a mom its my job to worry. Its also my job to make my girls feel so special and encourage them to learn and excel in school.  Even if its only kindergarten.  Amira will most likely be taking some speech therapy classes as she has a harder time pronouncing her r,s, and t's.  Even if I think its cute, I want the other children to be able to understand her. God forbid she ever gets made fun of for it.  I would die, and no one wants to see this mama mad.

My husband and I keep measurements of the girls ever so growing heights.  It just amazes us that these babes are growing several inches in a matter of months!  Just another bittersweet moment of a parent.  I never want to forget the special memories I make with my girls, and this blog is doing wonderfully at keeping my thoughts together. 


  1. AW, you are such a great mom, and she seems like such a great kid! I can't wait to have that bond with my own baby! :)

  2. This is precious :)
    I can promise you as a teacher that we love our "school babies" so much and take the best care of them we can. I value my sweet and involved moms so much. Her teacher is going to LOVE you and her!

  3. Lovely pic and post!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  4. This is so sweet. Indefinitely agree that blogging helps so much with documenting life.

    Being her biggest cheerleader is so important. You are such an awesome mother. Your little ones are very lucky to have you!

  5. I'm dreading the day I have to take Naomi to her first day of school. I know that I'm going to be the one having the harder time :P
    And I love having two girls too! They are so sweet and they make life so much sweeter [;
    Love this post!


  6. I love this!!! I need blogging back in my life;) You are doing it all right mama!!