Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Recipes for St. Paddy's Day and the Quick Minute!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you know I tried Irishing it up on St. Paddys Day!  I am half Irish with kids so I only thought it fitting to make my littles eat green food :) The girls and I got to chow down on festive pannies (pancakes) with rainbow sprinkles and fruit.  We love pancakes any day of week, why do carbs have to be so good?  I sent my husband a picture of Gia eating them and he was like, "what in the world is she eating?" 
Then, while Amira was away in school I had the opportunity to try my hand at Lucky Charm Treats.  I've seen pictures of these all over Pinterest and they looked so magically delicious!  I had purchased a big bag of generic Lucky Charms at the store specifically for this sweet treat.  I posted a picture of the treats on IG and a few people asked me to put up the recipe so here ya go.  They are super easy and yummy for any holiday/regular day!
Lucky Charms Treats

3/4 of a stick Butter
6 1/2 cups Mini Marshmallows
8 cups Lucky Charms Cereal

Melt your butter on medium in large pot.  Then add in your marshmallows and stir around till they melt mostly all the way.  Then I added 4 cups cereal and stirred. Then add in your next 4 cups till the mixture is well combined.  Turn off heat.  Pour cereal mix into a greased 9x11 (I just used organic olive oil spray) or whatever big dish you have and press it down.  I put mine in the fridge to set up and then cut into squares.

Since the days caloric intake was already shot, I decided to make them their all time favorite dip.  Because its always nice to be the fun mom, lol.  Some of my facebook friends asked for this recipe as well.  I cant take any credit for this dip concoction since my mom has been making this for a 100 years for my brother and I!  I'm not sure if you can even call it a recipe because its so easy. 
In their green shirts, we didn't have much green clothes to choose from!
Cream Cheese Chili Dip

1 can Beanless Chili, we always use Nalley
1 package Cream Cheese, I use Greek cream cheese & yogurt mix by Green Mountain Farms
Tortilla Chips

I heat up the cream cheese for 1 minute in the microwave, then I add the chili and heat again for 1 1/2 minutes. Stir till everything combines and it looks like dip, or something not that appealing, haha.  I swear by it though.  It is very good.

The girls played outside, and we went for walk. They also munched on cucumbers and strawberries the rest of the evening. We also shared the Lucky Charm treats with Amira's school mates. Please don't think I pump them full of fatty and bad for you foods all the time!  Thank you for reading!


  1. I want to eat everything in this post! Thank goodness I've already been to the store today otherwise I'd probably be making and eating all of this in about an hour's time. :)

  2. This all sounds so yummy. You are definitely a fun mom. I bet your girls appreciate you making sweet treats and spicing up the holidays with fun recipes and green pancakes!

  3. Lucky girls [;
    Bet they loved it! And seriously Linzi, your recipes and treats you make, make me drool! :P
    I'm such a sucker for sweets, now I'm gonna HAVE to make these! [; <3 Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Your little sous chefs are seriously the cutest! The recipes sound great! xoxo love ya

  5. Mmm you know I'm trying that dip! That's so sweet that you're continuing that tradition with your girls. Next year I'm making green pancakes somehow!