Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beauty, Maybe it's Maybelline!

We all know I'm obsessed with drugstore beauty products!  Recently I went to my local Rite Aid and picked up some beautiful Maybelline makeup.  Some of the stuff is new, limited edition and some is from their normal tried and true basics.  I'm usually a Loreal girl but as of now Maybelline has taken the lead in the lip department!  I still need to go to the MAC counter and invest in at least one of their lipsticks!

I'm ready for Spring and Summer with this gorgeous lipstick from their Vivids Collection, the color is Fuchsia Flash 865.  Amira has been begging me to buy this lipstick for months and I've always been to scared to rock a bright color like this.  I'm so glad I finally caved in because I actually love it and its my new favorite lipstick!
Next I picked up a couple glosses from the new Elixer Lipgloss  line.  The shades I chose are Blush Essence 095 and Nude Illusion 060.  Oh how I love me some nudes and pinky tones.  These glosses are a nice creamy texture and not sticky.  They're perfect for putting over a lipstick or to wear alone for a pretty natural look.  They also have a very light almost fruity smell that I really like!  Stinky makeup is not for me!
Lastly, I was excited to find this limited edition Eyestudio quad in Nude Romance 120.  I love a nude eye and black liner so I had to pick this one up.  I've never bought any of these Maybelline shadows so I was happy to find one I liked.  Normally these quads are filled with shimmery shades and I'm not a huge fan of those on my lids.
So far I love all of the new makeup I got and I'd recommend all of these to you guys.  Do you have any Spring makeup recommendations for me?  I'd love to hear!


  1. That lipstick looks beautiful! I love finding great makeup at the drugstore! As always, you look so pretty!

  2. Beautiful!!!! Did you know if you take 6 Mac packages back to the counter you get one for free?! :)

  3. I will have to try that lipgloss, I hate when it's sticky so I'll keep this in mind!

  4. I love it all! Your make up is always flawless!

  5. I love that pink lipstick on you! Great finds :)

  6. OOOOOh I love that lipstick. Bright vibrant lips are a staple for me :)

  7. Ah, I wish I was ballsy enough to wear fun, bright lipstick like that! BUT my beauty rec for the spring (for all seasons, really) is Dior Addict Lip Glow. It's this awesome balm that is a gorgeous pink but that looks a little different on everyone. Plus it's super moisturizing. I am obsessed.

  8. AHhhhh Love that Fuschia Flash lipstick! I just recently bought it, thought it'd be perfect for Spring- and it is [;
    You & Amira have good taste [;

    Might have to stop by the drugstore after this...$$$$ :P