Friday, November 1, 2013

Creamy Sundried Tomato and Ravioli Soup

Happy first day of November!  I hope everyone had a fantastical Halloween with there little ones.  I loved seeing all the pictures on Facebook and Insta.  At our house we got a lot less kids knocking on the door compared to last year.  Guess I'll have to eat all this left over candy myself.  Kidding there is a lot.  Gia did surprisingly well holding her own pumpkin for candies and sputtering off her own version of trick-or-treat. She even wore her Minnie ears!  Shocking I tell you!  Amira dressed princess glam in a few costumes. She's the girl who likes to watch makeup tutorials on Youtube, but can totally keep up with her 8 and 6 year old sweaty boy cousins!

Here is what I made for dinner that night.  This soup is perfect for the chilly nights we are having lately.  It has rich and creamy tomato flavor. The sun dried tomatoes are so sweet and delicious, and its filling with the raviolis.  I have made this a couple of times, all when my mom was visiting and she loved it.  She normally isn't a fan of tomato soups, so that is a big compliment! I love making dinner for my family, but sometimes it is hard to whip up a gourmet meal when you've got two little girls and errands out the ying yang!   So this ones pretty easy to make, just how we like it. 

These are pretty basic ingredients and most of them I keep stocked in my pantry and freezer.  I love my big ol' freezer in the garage.  It's mostly full of meats and salmon from when the hubs goes fishing.  I've always said that when I got a freezer for the garage I became a "real woman."  Because my grandma and mom always had them!  Now my life's complete! Haha

Here is what you'll need:
1 package frozen mini raviolis or tortellini
2 cans of condensed Tomato soup
2 cups chicken broth or veggie
1 1/2 cups half and half
1 1/2 cups 2% milk or whole
1/2 cup chopped sun dried tomatoes (oil packed)
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp dried basil (or what ever speaks to you)
 Pepper to your taste
Mix tomato soup, broth, half and half and milk together over medium - medium high heat in Dutch oven. Then add your onion powder, garlic salt, basil, sun dried tomato and mix together. In another pot boil water and cook frozen ravioli accordingly.   After everything is combined in your soup add your grated cheese in and cooked ravioli.  Serve with garlic bread and salad, or just alone.  This is one of my favorite soups and just as wonderful if not better for a late night snack or lunch the next day!
Halloween 2013
 Hope you get a chance to try this one out.  If you do let me know how you liked it.
Much love, Linzi


  1. They looked so adorable!!!! And the soup recipe is a must try!! Yum!!

    Boy, oh {mamas} boys Blog

    1. Thank you Kayla, please do make the soup. Its so yummy!

  2. I used only 2 cups of fat free half and half and 1 tab Italian seasoning...think the rest your recipe exactly. Yummy, I had a bowl for. Lunch this afternoon also. We had over 125 kids last night..some adorable ones. Almost everyone said thank you which always makes me happy. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, have a good evening.

  3. Oh I will definitely be trying this - it looks amazing! I love meals like this in the fall!

    1. Yay!! Thank you very much! Soups and stews are the best when its cold out. Thank you for reading my post!

  4. The soup is a must try recipe. There is nothing better than a good soup to end a cold fall day :)
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    1. Thank you! I totally agree! I will check out your blog as well. Thank you for stopping by mine :)