Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Ramble!

Hello friends, its Tuesday and I missed my weekend review post so this will be my Tuesday rendition.  Gia is taking a nap and Amira is in school so its the perfect opportunity for me to write.  Our life is pretty steady, in that not many big changes have been happening.  Last week Amira was on her first ever Spring break.  I wanted to plan fun outings for her and Gia to do everyday.  One day we went to Jungle Playland with a few other mommies and tots. That day was crazy and the girls were beat by the end of the day.  They hibernated very well that night! Then we had a couple playdates with friends and went to local bouncy house.  Amira had another first, the Lateover.  Sorta like a sleep over but not.  Only because Miss thang is still too scared to stay away from home, which I completly understand.  I don't think I stayed the night away from my parents with the exception of grandparents, till like age 10!  None the less she had a great night with her bestie and got to go buck wild on some popcorn and a candy buffet! She's pretending to be a wild animal here, lol.
My husband and I ( my hubs) have been trying to finish painting the main rooms in the house white.  Which is such a tedious process because he likes to take his sweet time so its perfect, and we also need someone to watch the girls because its next to impossible to keep them from touching wet paint!  He was able to finish the hall and closet, next up is the kitchen and that will entail removing old ugly wallpaper border, fun!  I did finish my Easter mantle and I am almost done collecting cute Spring items for my littles Easter baskets.  Hoping this weekend we'll take them to see the Easter Bunny, last years picture is full of tears and scared faces.
Last Saturday Mario and I had a nice chunk of time to ourselves, thanks to my awesome sister in law, Christina!  My husband took me to a fundraiser/auction/dinner event at the Rhodes River Ranch.  All the proceeds went to the families fallen victim to the Oso Mudslide.  We bid on quite a few items but lost, which is actually great since it went to the highest bidder.  I thought I had a certain bag but it was taken from us last minute.  There was some live music from some great local country bands.  Although the event was humbling, it was very inspirational to see hundreds of people gathering for a specific cause and finding hope is this great tragedy. 
So other than that I am prepping for Easter Sunday which is a huge event for the family, like 400 hidden eggs huge.  I am also trying to plan Amira's birthday party at the end of the month, holy cow she''s going to be 5!  I'm hoping that her party day will be sunny and warm like it has been the last few years.  I'm pretty much done with her gift and I hope she loves it!  I just took out a hot chocolate cake from the oven and it smells divine.  I'm going to be making cake pops for the first time ever today.  Wish me luck, because if I'm pleased with the results I'm making them for her class on her actual birthday :)
Thank you so much for reading.


  1. I love the term "lateover", that's so cute. Sounds like a lot of fun! Your mantle is so pretty, I love that blue bunny.

  2. I love your spring mantel! The idea of a "lateover" would have been perfect for me, I was so scared to stay from home! This makes so much more sense and you still get to do all the fun stuff :) :)

  3. I just live your mantle. And my kids will never be able to have a late over bc I'm in bed at 8 lol! Suck it up or stay home ha ha!

  4. Linzi, you're such a good mama! And so creative!
    Those cake pops you made looked bomb.

    p.s. My mom (seriously) didn't let me have a sleepover until like middle school.....
    ...asian parents.... bahahah

  5. I hope the cake pops came out awesomely! That was so sweet of you to plan such fun things for your girls over Spring Break. Sounds like a very full past few days!

  6. I feel so awful..I still have my St. Paddy's Day decorations up. Savanna keeps me busy and on my toes for sure! You've motivated me to break out the easter eggs. Good luck with the cake pops! I attempted them before and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

  7. Love the Spring Mantle and the fact that you and Mario got a little date night :)