Friday, April 4, 2014


Today I thought I'd share a little bit about my doe eyed wonder, Gia.  Only a select few actually know the feisty personality of this girl, so I'm talking family and close friends.  She can be a lover and she can be a fighter.  She is definetly like her parental units!  The first thing she says when she wakes up is "where's daddy, and asks for cookies."  This child of mine has a passed down sweet tooth that is hard to curb.  Her favorite is M&M's and those Brookside dark chocolate pomegranate things.  Her favorite fruits are strawberries and bananas, all which she calls apples.  I've tried correcting her but she doesn't care.
She is super independent for being just over 2!  She can put on her own sneakers and pull the velcrow straps over, is it just me or is that amazing!?  She likes to pick out her own coat and take it off.  Having two girls I've learned how early the personal style trait comes in.  She only likes to get her hair brushed after a bath and the two times she let me trim her bangs she saw me cut her sisters first, so monkey see monkey do is totally prevalent in our house.  Gia doesn't like to wear headbands or ponytails but the other day she asked me to put her hair up and I almost died!  She loves to wear hair elastics as bracelets and sports about ten of them at a time, totally 80's ;)
She loves having books read to her and has recently really been into puzzles.  She talks up a storm and has me in awe on how much she says already.  Gia carries her babies around with her all the time and has specific ones she sleeps with.  It seriously melts my heart to see her sleeping soundly with a puppy in her arms.  When we drop Amira off at school she has to bring at least two or three toys with her.  Currently she only wants to walk everywhere we go.  So grocery trips are the NO cart kind, which is so stressful for me because my girls run around and yell like maniacs!  If I try putting her in the cart she has a total fit and I give in and let her walk.  She is getting better (kinda)    Trips to Target and places like that are going on the back burner because she grabs everything and I don't want to buy every toy on toddler arm height.
Since Spring time is here she is loving being outside and playing in the playhouse. So thankful for sunny days!  She also loves swinging  in the backyard and collecting rocks, I don't know what it is about my girls but they love gathering rocks and putting them in bowls, buckets whatever they can find.  Gia also has a pretty mean arm and can throw a ball really well.  That makes daddy happy :)  Now that she is 2 I have been getting braver and braver taking her to fun places like bouncy houses, or play centers.  I was so timid at first to do so but she is a tough cookie and I'm so impressed on how well she keeps up with her big sis and loves being in public places like that. 

So ya, I sort of went off.  Sorry about that.  Love being a proud parent!


  1. Ever since I became a mama myself, these are my favorite kinds of posts! Go, Mia! I love that she calls all fruits (or at least strawberries and bananas) apples :)

  2. This is just the sweetest. Gia sounds like such an amazing little lady with a big personality already.

    I hope you and your family have a great weekend!!

  3. I loved this post and reading more about Gia. She sounds like she's got a fun and spunky personality developing! We're in the same boat with not wanting to be in the cart anymore..definitely makes shopping trips stressful!

  4. she is such a doll! Your girls are beautiful.
    Naomi is totally like Gia, bows and headbands last for about, well 5 seconds. :P

    And I love her morning request ! hahaha, too funny. Daddy and cookies lol.


  5. I love apples too Gia!! She is loads of cuteness and fun:)

  6. I mean seriously she couldn't be any cuter!!!!