Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend!

Happy Tuesday friends!  Hope that you are feeling refreshed from the great Easter weekend.  Everyone celebrates in their own special ways and follows family traditions.  I loved seeing all my friends beautiful pictures on IG and FB. 
The girls found their baskets in morning and relished in all the chocolate goodness.  They loved all the coloring crafty parts too.  Later that day after they bathed and dressed up in girly fashions they did a backyard egg hunt.  They found all 24 eggs and had a time cracking them all open to see what treasures were inside.  Their piggy banks have some extra change flowing through them and we are rationing out the pastel candies till I can toss it all out, haha.
We finally colored eggs, and I must admit I was way behind on that fun activity.  Amira kept asking me when we were doing it and each time it would slip my mind.  Mommy brain is alive and well over here!  I do love how the eggs turned out.  They look so rustic.  I'm sure if I had used white eggs instead of brown they would have been more vibrant.  (I don't think I've ever bought organic white eggs)
Later that day we celebrated Easter with some of Mario's family, something we do most Easters.  It was an amazing gathering of family and everyone was grateful to be together.  There was huge spread of delicious foods and I was stuffed to the max.  At his uncle and aunts house they do egg hunt as well.  One for the kiddos and one for the 20 plus adults there.  Hundreds of eggs are hidden throughout their property and everyone is tromping around searching for these special silver and gold eggs!  It can be pretty comical to watch, I stay back with my girls and look around with them.  It was all around great weekend and this week I'm prepping for this coming weekend, Amira's 5th birthday bash!
Thank you so much for reading!


  1. I love the vintage look of your eggs. I wish I could have went to an egg hunt for adults. That sounds bomb diggity!

  2. Wow, an egg hunt for adults? That sounds like a lot of fun. :) Glad your girls had a great Easter!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Easter! Your ladies' dyed eggs came out great! I haven't seen organic white eggs either. Makes you wonder...

  4. Sounds perfect!! Such sweet girls!


  5. The eggs turned out so good! You already know how much I loved your littles all dressed up but I just can't get enough of how cute they are! Glad you had a great Easter babe! xoxo