Monday, October 14, 2013

Finally joining 2013!

So it seems I check my Facebook daily. I check my Instagram, Pinterest, all the blogs I follow.  One thing was missing from the picture.  A laptop or a computer of sorts.  Well low and behold my wonderful parents gave pity on my household and gifted us a HP laptop!  I was so excited, its cute and stainless steel looking? Yes, like a oven!  We have been planing on buying one for years but never really found it a priority. I mean we have smart phones and we just aren't into computers that much I guess. Luckily my girls haven't been obsessed with computer games and haven't said, "I want that"

I called a few Internet providers and sadly were turned down.  Guess we live to far out in the sticks.  Not really, I tried again with one that turned us down the first time and now they said we were serviceable.  After getting the guys to come out and install everything Mario and I found ourselves not using the laptop as much.  I am still confused on how to use it and how to even write this blog!

Which leads me into this:  after my husband and a few friends and family convinced me I could even have things to blog about, I should start one myself.  Tell stories about my family, write about my love of food, share pictures and I guess everything that's in between.  So by no means do I think this is fashion blog or food blog.  It will just be my life and style blog!  Hopefully I have someone reading this but me!  This is very out of the ordinary for me but I will try anything once!

Much love, Linzi

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